Monday, 31 October 2011


Good trainers should:

  1. Believe in and have a passion for what they are teaching.
  2. Know their material well.
  3. Use lots of metaphors explaining the materials
  4. Be willing to share their personal experiences with the topic.
  5. Have a good sense of humor about the subject and be willing to play.
  6. Talk to not at or down to the people in the class.
  7. Not get caught into one person’s issues in the class.
  8. Keep the class moving at a fast pace without loosing anyone.
  9. Find a practical application in the class’s personal life for the particular subject.  (Customer Service and using it at home, Time management and orderliness at home.  Even computer’s have life issues.)
  10. Respect everyone in the class.
  11. Lots of group activities
  12. Get the class to like and appreciate the subject when they leave.

Sunday, 30 October 2011



A human resources training manager organizes and oversees training and development programs for employees at their company. Training sessions may help employees to develop new skills, increase their productivity, improve the quality of their work, foster loyalty to the company, or enhance employee performance. Most companies offer training as both an employee benefit and as a way to boost morale, but it helps management too since it gives them a more skilled workforce.

As a human resources training manager, you might set up training sessions onsite or in a classroom or other location. It's your job to ensure everything runs smoothly, which can involve gathering teaching materials, offering certificates of completion at the end of a course, and doing everything else necessary to create an effective learning environment.

You also need to evaluate the training sessions afterwards to determine whether it met its objectives and study its impact on the business and employees.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

An Introduction to Training


Training is the process of increasing knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job. In other words,training is a systematic programme of the organisation which aims at increasing the aptitudes,skill and abilities of the workers to perform specific job.

The Term Training refers acquisition of knowledge skill and  competencies as a result of teaching. In the modern world of technological changes, the need for training is being increasingly recognized so as to keep the employees in touch with the new developments. Every concern has systamatic training programme.